Graz Taxi Tariff

for the provincial capital Graz and the Graz- Surroundings district

 Basic rate: € 3.90

 The basic tariff applies to day and night trips.

 Kilometer tariff

 The kilometer tariff is automatically set:
 Day trips

 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
 except Sundays and public holidays
 up to 12 km - € 1.50 / km
 from 12 km - € 1.90 / km

 Night drives

 from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
 and on Sundays and public holidays
 up to 12 km - € 1.70 / km
 from 12 km - € 1.90 / km

 Waiting fee

 € 30.00 per hour (The waiting fee applies to every full hour.)


 A surcharge corresponds to € 2.50.
 From the transport of 4 people per additional person transported: 1 surcharge
 Driving with snow chains: 3 surcharges
 Transport of sports equipment with a device (e.g. ski / bike rack): 1 surcharge

 Trips outside the municipality / siting area

 In the case of journeys that begin outside the municipal area of ​​the company's location and do not lead through or into the municipal area of ​​the location, the driver is entitled to a surcharge for every 2 kilometers started for the journey to the place of order from the municipal boundary, with the exception of journeys  , the beginning of which is in municipalities in which, according to § 22 Paragraph 2 of the Styria.  Taxi, rental car and guest car operating regulations, a reciprocal access option has been prescribed.

 Exempt from the taxi tariff regulation

 Medical transport trips (with medical transport instructions and agreed flat-rate fees with a social security agency), school transport and shared taxi trips .... graz taxi 24

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